Original price was: $780.00.Current price is: $680.00.


Original price was: $780.00.Current price is: $680.00.

60v 25ah Panasonic 21700 Li-ion Battery Pack For Ji-Move MC

60v 25ah battery for Ji-Move MC

-Full charge voltage 67.2v cutoff voltage 48.0v (+-0.5v is normal)
-16s 5p Panasonic NCR21700 cell
-100% same size as stock Ji-Move MC battery casing
-original output port as the Ji-Move MC stock battery
-XLR 3 pin charging port
-25a constant discharge, 40a peak discharge

This bundle is inclusive of the following items:
-original Ji-Move MC casing
-3 months warranty for manufacturer defects (eligible for 1-1 exchange and free repair only)
-4A charger with XLR 3 pin port and 2 Pin Type A Socket Plug (does not come with warranty, additional chargers can be bought in the other listings on this website)

-Slots inside Ji-Move MC battery compartment with ease
-No need to change or modify seat post to fit the battery
-Can change to other connectors or remove casing, subject to availability (must be requested on checkout page)
-Battery can be used on any 60v controller below 25a without any problems i.e 18a and 22a
-Stock controller of Jimove MC only can support up to 48V, controller upgrade is required to use this battery

Will yield a top speed of 40-50 km/h with controllers between 18a-22a. Estimated range of ~100km


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